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CMHC Repost: CoV

9 Aug 2021 7:46 AM | Anonymous

CoV Bridge Work Scaffolding Removal -  Week Long
  •  CoV will have a boardwalk exclusion zone behind the Creekhouse building during business hours. Delineators, red tapes and signs will be installed to better inform passersby. Pedestrian access will be fully maintained with spotters available to assist.

Electrical Work At Compactor Site One - August 11
  • Please note that technicians from INT Electric will be on island on Wednesday, August 11 to perform some electrical work on Site One's recycling compactor. The work is scheduled to commence at 6am and finishing at around 3pm. During this time, the recycling compactor will be out of service but a recycling bin will be provided and monitored by our Grounds Maintenance team.
  • There will also be 2 short and localized power shut-downs at Site One with one to occur early in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The shut-downs will render all the compactors at Site One non-operational temporarily but they should not affect any tenant spaces. Access into the compactor site will be maintained throughout the day.

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