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Adapted from CMHC Memo

31 May 2021 9:52 PM | Anonymous
Please click here to take a survey and vote on your preferred waste station location.
Granville Island is continuing to modernize its recycling and trash collection system
In 2018, we replaced the open garbage and recycling bins on the west side of Granville Island with two enclosed compactor areas. Now, we are continuing with the waste bins distributed around the east side of the Island to create two centralized waste stations. This will significantly reduce the number of open bins, shrink the overall footprint for containers, and improve the overall curb appeal of the Island.
About the new waste stations
The map below shows the proposed locations for each waste station. You’ll see that for each waste station (labelled 1 in pink and 2 in blue), we propose two locations (labelled A and B).

Please click here to take a survey and vote on your preferred waste station location. 

The survey is open until the end of Sunday, June 13, 2021.
These new waste stations will not be as large as the compactor areas on the west side of the Island. Instead, each location will have bins for recycling, organics, trash, and used cooking oil collection that are regularly emptied by the collections services company.
Once the centralized waste stations are installed, the remaining open bins on the Island will be removed. All businesses will take their recycling, organics, and trash to the appropriate waste station site.
Project timing
We are aiming to have the waste stations installed by the end of spring 2021. We will update you on the construction timing as these details become finalized over the coming weeks.
For any question about the new compactors system, please contact Sebastian Lippa, Manager of Planning & Development, at 604-737-4119 or slippa[at]cmhc.ca

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