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CMHC Memo: Bridge Work & Anderson Street Upgrades - Week of April 5th

1 Apr 2021 9:07 PM | Anonymous
Granville Bridge Rehabilitation Project
**Note: No work will be done on Easter Monday, April 5th**

CoV is beginning rivet replacements along the bridge and will need to implement a series of exclusion zones around which pedestrians will be redirected for their safety, or where no parking will be allowed due to work above. Noise will be moderate to high at times. Below is a list of exclusion zones and a map for reference:
  • Between the Kid's Market and Vancouver Fish Co., there will be two exclusion zones (shown in red) by either pillar. These will be in place one at a time, for half the day each, and only on Tuesday, April 6th. These are to allow for scaffolding adjustments.
  • A section next to The Keg (shown in green) will be blocked and pedestrians will be redirected around the parking stalls and back onto the walkway, Tuesday to Friday.
  • The majority of the parking near the painted pillars in the Chain & Forge will be blocked off (shown in green), Tuesday to Friday.
  • The blue sections denote the fenced off areas the City has already been using for the entirety of this project.

Anderson Street Upgrades
**Note: There will be some work on Easter Monday, April 5th**

The work for next week will continue similar to this week with some digging and traffic delays through the day. We have been working closely with the City to try and minimize traffic jams experienced this week entering and leaving the Island.


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